About FusionUCP

FusionUCP™ is a service of Third Hatch Inc

Third Hatch has built the most feature-rich, cost-saving, communications solution available to small businesses.  By eliminating the need for expensive dedicated phone lines we can drastically reduce your monthly phone bill. But we don't do this by eliminating services, we deliver unlimited on-demand access to the world-wide phone network. By using redundant and reliable broadband internet connections we deliver the same reliability and quaility you have grown accustomed to but with huge savings.

Do you already have an updated phone system?

Great! We can connect our phone service to most modern phone systems to provide you with great savings while allowing you to continue using the phone system you are happy with. Let us know the make and model of your phone system and we will tell you whether or not we can provide service.

Do you need to upgrade your phone system?

No problem! We can install FusionUCP at no additional cost to you. The only piece you are responsible for is the phone handsets. We can provide great direct pricing or leasing options as well. See our recommended equipment section to learn more about available phones and features.

Is your organization spread out across multiple locations?

We have a solution for that as well. We can provide you one phone system for all of these locations by hosting it in the Cloud. FusionUCP Cloud Edition can provide the same great features while allowing for multiple offices to connect to your phone system without any special expensive technology solutions. FusionUCP Cloud Edition is available at no additional cost to you, but as before you are responsible for buying or leasing the phone handsets.

How is this possible?

Third Hatch provides FusionUCP as a solution for customers who need a phone system upgrade. But we earn our living by providing the phone service to our customers. So, to get phone service established we will give you a free phone system all while still providing at least 14% savings.

Sound too good to be true?

We promise it's not. Try us out, if we can't save you at least 14%, we will switch you back to your previous phone carrier and give you $100 (AMEX or VISA Gift Card) for your trouble.

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Our case study documents three years of savings we provided Friends of the Orphans on their phone system costs.  The results were astounding.  We saved them 42% in the first year with progressive savings to follow.  From year 0 to year 3 we provided over 73% savings.

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